Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are prefabricated cardboard boxes, commonly used for packaging materials and products and is also highly recyclable. Cardboard box is a generic term, which is used to describe any box made from cardboard. Many experts in the industry rarely use the word cardboard as it doesn’t denote a particular material. Boxes of all types, shapes and sizes are called cardboard boxes.

Cardboard is a kind of compressed sawdust that is obtained from saw mills and factories cardboard boxes. The sawdust is crushed and made into fine dust by grinding, spinning and heating it at high temperatures. This makes the dust very soft, and the texture quite squishy, but its durability and quality make it suitable for packaging. Cardboard boxes made of this dust are used for various kinds of packaging.

One of the most common kinds of packaging is that used for food. These are specially designed and manufactured for easy packing and superior quality. A cardboard box with an inner layer of thin paper or foam that has holes is commonly used for food storage. These types of boxes have a dual function; the first function being to store and protect the food, while the second function is to prevent the release of airborne contaminants such as moisture, fats, carbohydrates and chemicals through the process of static electricity. Static electricity can harm both the food and the people working near the storage boxes.

Cardboard boxes have been extensively used for packaging in different types of industries across the globe for many years and are particularly used in the production of household items and goods that are meant for multiple uses. Cardboard packaging is especially useful in the transportation of perishable goods. Different types of rigid boxes and packaging made from cardboard materials are used for different types of product packaging, including packaging of food, hazardous and medical packaging, dry packaging, confetti packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging, etc. Some of the most common packaging used in the production of household goods include boxes used for household cleaning and laundry products, packing of drinks, fragile items, small household items, cartons or drums for storing and shipping, fragile and sensitive documents and packaging, ceramic items, boxes or baskets, wooden crates, wooden cases, etc product postal boxes.

A large variety of cardboard boxes is available in the market today, and a number of manufacturers specialize in manufacturing this kind of packaging materials. A large number of firms specializes in producing packaging materials for all kinds of business sectors such as packaging of food, beverages, medical devices, electronic and electrical goods, fashion accessories, personal care products, etc., and a large number of packaging engineers are also engaged in this kind of work. Professional help is available too in this regard, and several organizations providing assistance to packaging engineers are located locally.

A large number of packaging engineers are engaged in manufacturing airtight containers, which are popularly known as cardboard boxes. Airtight containers made up of cardboard, used for storing compressed air and non-compressible gasses. These are very popular in several industries and are utilized for several purposes. Besides this, many innovative companies are exploring the uses of corrugated boxes and several packaging techniques for making paper products, soft toys, packaging of food products, packaging of delicate and sensitive items, corrugated cartons, boxes made from wood, poly sheets, PVC sheets, jute threads, bamboo, and other materials, etc.

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